Toronto & Back :D Maret 2014

Yes!! I'm back to the warm embrace of family & friends folks after travelling from one end of the globe to the other :)

I am so honoured and privileged to be invited by ICEM (Int'l Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine & General Workers' Union)to attend the Sustainable Development Conference and gosh it was indeed an eye-opener.

I must admit I was daunted as I knew I was the only delegate yet I knew a journey that allow me to connect with the rest of the global union leaders prior to the G8 & G20 Summit that was held on 25-27 June 2010.

Just want to put on record that after travelling from Singapore via London to Toronto....gosh, my butt was sore ;D (Now I can joke about it hehehheheh....)

Travelling on Singapore Airlines A380 upper deck was a if you do ever have a SQ :D

The day before the conference I had a day by myself exploring the city of Toronto and I never imagine it was so hot.

I have no idea where I was heading but eventually went up to the CN Tower and had a view of the whole City of Toronto.

It was a bit scary to look down at the glass floor and view the city from that angle.
Continue my walk and went to Hard Rock to soak in the soul of rock & roll and incidentally the music festival was held during my visit.

I felt as though I was in New York City as I felt the pulse of the city on Sunday while out shopping at Eaton Centre.

Coming back to the Conference I was indeed fortunate to meet my first Canadian Friend, Tim Carrie which happens to be the President of Canadian Auto Workers' Union (CAW).

He literally 'took me in' and like a ever gracious host & chaperon, he introduced me to all the rest of the comrades.

Christine, Debz, Terry & Me :D

I was truly touched by the warmth gesture and to embrace friendship with so many Canadian Women Leaders as well.

I always bring some Singapore souvenirs along whenever I attend an overseas conference and I'm glad my Singapore scroll showcase some of our tourist attraction and I hope they'll visit me someday :D

Chill out at night with the folks from CAW and I'm thankful to every single one of them who 'adopted' me hehehhehe......

On a serious note really there were so many learning points from this Conference and I must say that the a strong political party that supports the union & workers equals to better social welfare & justice - otherwise it could be a hindrance to sustainable development.

Issues that affects the global union movements affects global solidarity and I am mindful of the individual contribution to the global crisis.

Lots more to share but really after attending this conference, I have great sense of respect to the dignified jobs carried out by the workers in the mining industry. The struggle and exploitation of these workers need to be highlighted as well as the safety aspect of of the mining facilities.

I was sad that even as I was writing my report when I was in Toronto, it was with sadness that another mine just exploded in Columbia with 70 miners dead on 16 June 2010.

Alright...not gonna bore you any further :D

Last but not least, although I was terribly homesick during my stay in Toronto, I was glad that I was given this opportunity and I am glad that it has raised my awareness on the magnitude of challenges faced by global union.

Okieeeeeeeeeeeeee.......I'm back from Toronto Folks :D
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