Meetings Maret 2014

Meetings, meetings and more meetings scheduled in the month of July/August and it is a drudgery for me coz I know most are unproductive and a waste of my quality time.

There are people who are suppose to carry out their role in an effective manner but chose to be a 'puppet' and be manipulated by others.

There are people who craves for power and thought that others are out to take over their leadership role. Therefore......information that benefit others would be withheld by him.

There are people who merely acts as a 'messenger', a middle-man who merely passes information from top to bottom or vice-versa. In other words - not a decision-maker.

Strange but true, many times you'll find someone who just keep their views & opinions to themselves. True blue hypocrites who doesn't speak their mind but chose to whine & complain after meetings are over.

I know I am someone who don't mince my words when I want to put a point across - it could be my opinions, suggestions or arguments. I have mentioned it before I am saying it again......nothing personal at all but dealing on the subject matter. Obviously alot of people don't seem to understand this ~ 'Agree to Disagree'

I took the trouble to attend meetings to add value and to move the agendas towards a common understanding among all. Eventually a win-win situation for all parties.

The opportunities presented to me through different platforms enable me to see the 'true colours' of people and it saddens me that alot of them (sorry but mostly men) who has no integrity and simply no principles of their own. They have their own set of hidden agendas :(

Last but not least......some times people just don't realise that given the opportunity to lead but if they don't have it.....that's too bad. To instill camaraderie does not mean that one have to impose & feed them information all the time. So, don't try too hard to please......others would know one is not sincere at all.

My action speaks louder than words and my faithful buddies will always stick by me through thick & thin no matter what ~ I felt so blessed already.

Whew!! Talking about meetings gave me this opportunity to share my thoughts ya! Thank you folks!
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