Turkey Maret 2014

Posted by | 9:34 AM
YoooooHoooooooo, I'm off to Turkey and I don't mean this at all :) Stay tune folks. PS: This is actually a Sakura Chicken which I p...
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Supper Time!! Maret 2014

Posted by | 7:49 PM
A spontaneous hunger pang last night spurred us to have supper last night :) It might be a guilty treat late at night but a meal that bonde...
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Vietnamese Food & Vendors Maret 2014

Posted by | 12:19 AM
I have been fascinated by the street vendors and what a way to embrace Vietnamese culture at its best. Check it out folks ;) Take your time ...
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Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam Maret 2014

Posted by | 7:52 AM
Time flew by so quickly that it's my second trip to Ho Chin Minh City within two months. I didn't bring my camera in August so here ...
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