Cookies from HK Maret 2014

My friends went to Hong Kong recently and bought some cookies for me :D

But I think I like the box more than the cookies :)

I know HK is about the same as bustling Singapore, still ... still *hint* Anyway I know moving around would not be a problem since I am conversant in Cantonese.

Also, HK is near China and travelling to neighbouring would be so cost-effective too.
Ok enough of hinting & dreaming ;-)

This is another box of cookies with the lovely tin box - taste more like the Danish butter cookies and good to share among my colleagues.

I love this walnut cookies too and too bad he didn't travel to Macau (which I have yet to travel too) to buy that ever popular almond cookies.

Talking about HK - I was once crazy over the Cantonese drama serial on TV and my all time favourite was Lydia Sum :D

Hong Kong, Hong Kong - Oh you know what? My D's friend real name is HONG KONG!!! So not kidding you, I bet his parents must have love this place Hong Kong kekekkee....

Have a wonderful weekend folks :D Luv ya!!
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