I Still Do Maret 2014

Posted by | 1:57 PM
I Do ~ ;D I Do ~ ;-) I Do ~ ;)) I Do ~ :D I Do ~ ;-)) I Do ~ :) I Do ~ ;D Whichever or however colourful I say it ~ I Still Do! Happy 17 th ...
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The WHO Identity Maret 2014

Posted by | 11:08 PM
Pix: CNA Alrighty Folks! Ta-Dah! Ta-Ta-Dah-Dah! :D We have the Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy & Bourne Ultimatum ...... I have here ...
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Mr. Who Maret 2014

Posted by | 11:15 PM
Engaging with "Mr. Who" so until then, stay tune folks! Wish me luck ya! :D Luv So Shiok!
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八十五岁(85 Years Old) Maret 2014

Posted by | 9:28 PM
I am not a psychic. I am not able to gaze into a crystal ball and determine how long I would live. Although I am taking care of myself by ea...
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Ms. Queenie Maret 2014

Posted by | 10:28 PM
This is Queenie when she was barely 1-year old on 22 May 2006. Queenie is my Little Brother's little princess and look at how tiny she ...
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Colourful Display Maret 2014

Posted by | 11:28 PM
This time during my visits to Beijing & Guangzhou, alot of my friends were hesitant to buy foodstuff......Hmm..... wrong timing I suppos...
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Who's Who Maret 2014

Posted by | 6:20 PM
Yep! Who's Who? Colleagues over at my workplace is a funny lot and I'm so not kidding you. They are so 'afraid' of managemen...
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Laughing Buddha :D Maret 2014

Posted by | 9:04 PM
I've seen Laughing Buddhas in Buddhist temples, shops & some houses but never one with so many happy children all over him :D Spott...
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Yummy Mooncakes Maret 2014

Posted by | 8:04 PM
I was showered with lots of mooncakes for the past two weeks and more at the workplace too :D This is by far the most beautiful packaging fr...
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Hot Stuff Maret 2014

Posted by | 8:04 PM
I had a fantastic family bonding weekend after being away from Home Sweet Home for the past two weeks! :D That's the reason why there i...
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The Tianamen Square Maret 2014

Posted by | 11:27 PM
Time stood still for me when I visited The Tianamen Square right in front of The Forbidden City . It was an exciting anticipated visit folk...
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Queue Up Maret 2014

Posted by | 10:27 PM
Not an everyday scene to see air traffic jam along the runway on this day when I was on CZ 352 heading to Guangzhou :D It was an early morn...
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