White Party @ Ritz Carlton Maret 2014

Posted by | 10:21 AM
My friend, Christine invited me to the Standard Chartered Priority Banking White Party this evening @ The Ritz Carlton :) As I had an earlie...
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At My Balcony Maret 2014

Posted by | 9:10 AM
I often stand at my balcony literally watching the world goes by and waiting for the train to pull in from afar. I often stand at my balcony...
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Izzy is ONE :D Maret 2014

Posted by | 5:36 AM
Gosh...for some reasons the navigation bar for blogger was gone for most weeks on my screen hence was not able to update my blog. So I'm...
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Big Big Hug :-) Maret 2014

Posted by | 6:31 AM
Love all your smiles folks :D I definitely got all the positive vibes there and I love it!!! Somehow I have this gutsy feeling that some of ...
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S.M.I.L.E ;-) Maret 2014

Posted by | 6:33 AM
Smile Folks!! It is free, contagious and it feels so good :D Pass one around please and spread all the positive vibes! I'm smiling at y...
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Day @ The Museum Maret 2014

Posted by | 1:11 AM
I have visited so many museums around the world that I have yet to visit my own 'backyard' so speak. So having some 'Me-Time'...
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Father's Homeland Maret 2014

Posted by | 1:12 AM
Sorry for such a long absence, couple of things on my colourful palette and also I find it strange that I was not able to upload my photos l...
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