Snazzy Crabs :D Maret 2014

I was on board a double-decker bus couple of days ago cruising along busy bustling Orchard Road and although stuck in the jam I have fun :)

I think sometimes it could be frustrating with the bus inching its way to your destination but on this day I have all the time in the world, while on board I people-watched as well as soak in the sight on this busy day.

And look what I discovered :D

Snazzy Crabs on top of bus-stops!! Isn't this a wonderful sight? I love seeing the crabs holding the chilli dancing in a row happily. It certainly brightens up the day as well as adds colour & vibrancy to a busy street like Orchard.

Right on Folks! Uniquely Singapore is the tagline to promote cosmopolitan Singapore heheheh.....also the Singapore Tourism Board is promoting the ever famous Chilli Crabs here :D

Just love this dancing snazzy crabs and hope you've enjoyed this too :D

Count down to tomorrow..... Mr. Harry Potter is gonna be unleashed, Bibi is in bed now as gonna get up early to be first in line hehehe........

Hey.... today is our dearest friends, Peter & Fania Bennett's wedding in England, not able to be there to join in their wedding bliss, still wishing them happy matrimony embracing life as husband & wife :D

Tah-Tah! Ciao! Happy Happy Weekend.....shall visit your blog when I manage my time ok? Take care :D

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