Dream Comes True Maret 2014

Posted by | 12:00 AM
Dream despite being small do come true ;-) Ran out of chocolate one day and lo and behold, look what just came into my mail box. Courier all...
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Rain over Guilin Maret 2014

Posted by | 7:27 AM
I trust that there is always sunshine after the rain :D So bring them on! Bring on the rain and what a day to snooze on this beautiful da...
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Happy As Can Be :D Maret 2014

Posted by | 12:02 AM
Haven't we heard it so often that laughter is the best medicine? Likewise, it is contagious and I'm smiling at you now folks :) That...
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He Ain't Heavy :D Maret 2014

Posted by | 10:38 PM
Yes, He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother :D Something which not many know is that our age gap is 18 years....yep, you read it correctly,...
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Birthday 2010 Maret 2014

Posted by | 11:59 PM
Soon it is going to be 2359 and soon 15 March is officially over. I wanna thank my D for a lovely buffet dinner treat with the family that s...
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Jayden The PageBoy :) Maret 2014

Posted by | 1:08 AM
Finally Jayden's big show during my Younger Brother's Wedding :D Together with the rest of the little friends which is Ai Tee's...
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Ahhhh.... WOMEN!!!! Maret 2014

Posted by | 6:42 AM
YooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ladies!!!! Happy International Women's Day to all of you and thank you for all the love & ...
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Good Food & Companies Maret 2014

Posted by | 2:05 PM
Good food & good companies can never go wrong in a gathering ;D Yep, it was bonding time at my classmate Lee Lee's house last Sunda...
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