German vs Azzurri Maret 2014

Germany vs Italy
(World Cup 2006 Semi-Final)

(Pixs from Soccernet)

Klinsmann's hurt at Dortmund
I am not a football critic.....I just want to enjoy football.....I just want to watch my favourite footballers 'chasing' after a round ball.....dribble, tackle, long cross and fouls ...... I just want to cheer 'GOAL!' loudly so that my neighbours can hear me whenever my warriors strike pass the goalkeepers - Shiok Lah!.

I was battling with my mind in the morning (sleep over match) when the Germans met the Azzurri. Somehow, my hand gravitated towards the remote control Keke.... Seconds to penalty shoot-out - the Azzurri shown to the world that 'It's better late then never'.....Yep, the delivery was late, still the bottomline was, they delivered. Period.

Michael Ballack standing tall

Tears and joy obviously don't mixed unless it's tears of joy. Thunderous cheers versus mourning silence.....physically I was not there but mentally I was 'tormented' so to speak, bet you know who I was supporting this morning.

As I've said - football is a cruel game, one Champion will be crowned on 9 July 2006 .... my fingers and toes crossed, might not be my favourite team but still.....the show must go on. I am not a football critic.... I just want to enjoy my football ....(Back to Paragraph 1 above) :D

Parting shot - Well done Germany, well done! I've enjoyed the game!
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