Inflight Meal Maret 2014

I bet it is either you love it or you don't.

Well it is none other than in-flight meal of course :D

I have the privilege to travel by Singapore Airlines (SIA) on many occasion as well as to Beijing last year and this is what they served for breakfast ...... hearty muffin and wheat bread roll, fruits to go along as well.

For me, I am not really fond of meals served on board but interestingly, I just love the way the tray was presented.

Because it was so neatly presented, I tend to be 'instrumental' when I start to tuck it in and making sure I don't 'mess' up the tray after my meal....heheh that's me!

I love the in-flight movies as well......spoilt for choice. For this journey it was way too fast, watch two movies and when I looked outside, hey I've arrived in Beijing :D

Seems like a bus ride to me when you have good movies on board the air craft!

A special treat of course from SIA :D Never miss it although I am discipline not to touch them at home heheheh....

Ah....Singapore Airlines ~ Definitely a great way to fly :D

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