Sweet 18th Maret 2014

My Bibi turned 18th last Saturday and time just flew by so quickly.....far more than I could possibly imagine ;)

It was a quiet affair as she was too tied up with her school events but nevertheless, a birthday cake has always been the tradition.

18 years ago.....gosh has it really been that long?

The significant event back then was I remembered registering for a diving class and the instructor told me, I need to go for a medical check up before going for the course. The fee was $500 and after paid up, I went to see the doctor for the medication certification.

That was when the doctor told me "You are two months pregnant....!!!"

Excited???? YES!!!! But....disappointment because I was so looking forward for the diving course. So there.......18 years later, I am not a Diver but I became a Mummy :D

She has always been an independent girl and over the years she has blossomed into a young lady exuding confidence and strength within herself and all I ever want is for her to seize the world and enjoy what she is doing now.

Recently, both of us had our 'WICKED' bonding and I am glad that she has developed an interest for musical.

We've enjoyed the musical so much that we are certainly looking forward to our next musical bonding soon... :D

So there....Happy Sweet 18th Birthday Sweetie :D "Ma is always here for you!"

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