Lunar New Year 2012 Maret 2014

Lunar New Year is coming to an end soon and so here's a quick round-up :D

The thing I like about Lunar New Year is also appreciating the type of Ang Pow (red packet) design and besides getting free red packets from banks and shopping malls, I usually like to buy the different types of design.
New little dragon red packet embracing the Year of the Dragon ;D

Other designs and I think the one on the extreme left with family sitting down for the reunion dinner is really cool ~ family values!!!
Paper cutting with twelve Chinese zodiac, very fine and delicate.
Setting & getting ready our Reunion Dinner which is part of the family tradition for all Chinese families cerebrating Lunar New Year.

We chose to have the authentic Hainaese Chicken Rice cooked by my Mom-in-Law instead of Steamboat this year.

As D worked night shift on the eve of the new year, we chose to had ours on Saturday.

I remembered during the day I went for our annual prayer ceremony for my Father at the temple and it began to pour torrential rain.

Next...Lo & Behold!!!! The skies cleared up and WOW!!!! Double Rainbow!!!! :D
We couldn't believe our eyes and cameras and phone cameras starting clicking and we all jumped for joy.

It has been a while since we spotted rainbow right in front of Little Guilin and my Elder Sister-In-Law joined us for the Reunion Dinner and she reckoned, it is very auspicious and good things to come in the Year of the Dragon.

The local Internet was buzzing as Double Rainbow was spotted all over Singapore :D

Below, let me share of the the Canon moments - shot by Bibiana with her new DSR :D
Queenie soaking in the festive mood with a red packet for her goodie treats :DGrand-nephew Daryl wishing my Mom-In-Law a healthy and prosperous new year and greetings with two mandarin oranges is very much part of the tradition for all of us too.
D's signature fried prawns with oats, you just have to try it sometimes :)
Double Rainbow arched across the stadium and Little Guilin.

There is always sunshine after the rain and this case.....RAINBOW :D

My Sister-In-Law mesmerized by her first sight of the rainbow in her life!!! She was simply overjoyed on this day and we felt the happiness within.On the first day of the lunar calendar is also D's Birthday so there is always this double celebration every year :) very much sums up my Lunar New Year 2012 :D

So HUAT AH!!!!! :D
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