Aunty @ 60th Maret 2014

YooooHooooo.....join me to wish my Aunty Happy 60th Birthday ya :D

Hmmm...who's that girl, tell me, does she look as if she is 60????!!!

We had a great celebration at Fook Weng Seafood Restaurant with family & friends and my cousin Stephanie did a great job creating the ambience and mood to make this a special day for my Aunty :D

I understand Stephanie worked with the Baker to create this special design and it was so yummily good that I can eat it the whole day ;)

Close-up shot by Bibiana ;D ~ Too pretty to eat isn't it.

Aunty worked in the Childcare Centre so here's all her colleagues from the workplace.
All of us enjoyed the food so much that I just have to share some of the pictures took by Bibiana.

This is the lobster salad with cold cuts, the serving was big and everyone had second helpings to every dish.

Spicy steamed one had a go at the fish head though ;)

Steamed crab sitting on fragrant glutinous now you could probably get a feel just how much our tummy be expanding ya heheheh....

Now this is another special dish of baby abalone sitting on beancurd with broccoli.

Here's Steph with my Aunty - wishing her the best of health and happiness always ;D
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