My Assignments Maret 2014

It has been a hectic six months for me ever since I took on Social Psychology & Counselling.

It is most fulfilling and enriching to say the least and although press for time and having a 'full' colourful plate, I am happy :)

What intrigued most must have been developmental psychology that interestingly I pause at times to 'analysis' people and ponder over their psyche & behaviour.

I know that 'it's more than meet the eyes' so folks, don't get upset if others are rude or nasty to you :D

Lots to do with predisposition!!

Two nights ago, I submitted a self-reflection assignment and basically our lecturer wants us to write about our emotion, unresolved issues and dealing with anger.

I titled it : I. Me. Myself. :D

I am very 'Emo' at times and most times I don't harbour any anger for long but while attempting the paper, I did quite a bit of soul-searching and in order to be an effective counsellor it helps to raise my own self-awareness about myself :)

As much as feeling the jitters when doing assignments, deep down I kind of like the challenge reading as much as possible, referencing, understanding theories all these time meeting the challenge of the deadline.

The satisfaction came after getting my assignments marked and getting a good review from my lecturers for the previous two modules.

Now, one more assignment to submit with two examinations to prepare so wish me luck folks!

I love that kind of mental challenge folks :D
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