Random Sharing..... Maret 2014


I knew I didn't 'listen' to my body when I run consecutively for seven days non-stop and as a result I was ill for two weeks :(

Deep down, I was happy as I've managed to challenge my threshold with my best record of 5.5 km!!

Ya, I know it's still along way to the next marathon, still my stamina improved which is good :)

Whew!!!! It was sheer hard work and I remembered a friend told me that if you workout for consecutively 3 days without a break, you become addictive.

Speaking of which, we have couple of new gym equipments and sorry the picture are so dark. D taught me how to use some of these but still not too familiar with most of them so need to go for refresher soon.

Nothing beats plate of cut fruits after workout or after a hearty meal. Strawberries & mango on the platter - join us?

Other nights it could be a combination of apples, grapes, kiwis......what about you? How often do you have fruits?

Just the other night, some lovely surprises came through the post from Aunty Bennett (UK) after her stay in St. Palais sur mer of France :D

We were in St. Palais during our visit to the Bennett in Year 2004 as they own a summer house and there is something special about these 'sardines'.

They are sardines chocolates from St. Palais and Aunty Bennett knew just how much 'sardines' I bought back then and what a treat :D

Looks like a wine cork isn't it? Chocolate filled with Cognac in the centre and a special treat for D too :D

Just like my collection of bells, every thimble tells a story with each and every one of my thimble 'walks' me down memory lane of those places which we have travelled.

I do 'steal' a glance or two every day and they might be small but something which means a lot to me. again!!!! When we visit Ikea to shop for furniture I will always shop for goodies too from Sweden!!!

The supplies are long gone now so although nothing in mind for furniture, I might just pop by for some Swedish treats :D

That's just some random sharing folks...... have a fun week ahead :D
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