Lantau Island, HK Maret 2014


I remembered upon arriving in Hong Kong and off to go to Ngong Ping and took the cable car crossed the Tung Chung Bay to Lantau Island.

Don't know what to expect at that time, just enjoying the scenic ride and having fun in the cable car yakking with all the ladies.

I do get the chill and jitters whenever I looked down at the peak but it was worth the fright as the view was breath-taking.

I bet the folks living at the condominium over-looking the Bay must have good feng shui for sure :D
There are also trails below for hikers to explore the hill up to the peak of the mountain.

A hazy afternoon, hot but not as humid at all like Singapore.

Upon reaching Lantau Island over looking the peak, we managed a glimpse of the Giant Buddha which was fascinating.

On Lantau Island, the Giant Buddha is 34 meters high and unfortunately, I did not have the chance to climb to the top of the plateau as we were whisked off so quickly to the Po Lin Monastery for a vegetarian lunch.

I did manage some shots but the sun was so glaring that it didn't turn out quite well.

The next time I visit Hong Kong, I intend to stay longer than usual as I think it is worth taking our time to explore this beautiful place.
This place exude serenity, calm and peacefulness within me even though there were crowds of local and tourists all over the island.

Me wanna go again soon :D
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