Vietnamese Food & Vendors Maret 2014

I have been fascinated by the street vendors and what a way to embrace Vietnamese culture at its best.

Check it out folks ;)

Take your time and see if you can find your favourite brand of cigarette, it's like playing small carton boxes of jenga LOL.

Want something to quench your thirst? We were told to be careful of some 'fake' mineral water in Ho Chin Minh.

Some local snacks and preserved fruits, the jackfruit & durian crackers can be found in Thailand too.

Pink Guava!!! I bought about 4 kg home (about 12 guavas) and I thought this would be the best thing for my Mom & Mom-in-Law :D

Tried one, soft but sweet and they are nice.

More local preserved fruits and almost every street vendors sat on this small little plastic stool along the busy busy streets.

Now check this out, street vendor preparing hot bowls of pho (Vietnamese noodle) for this two ladies. Fresh pot of soup and all the rest of the condiments on the stall.

Very very local and full of flavour :D

You must try their Vietnamese spring roll which is wrapped with either shrimps or pork.

This is deep fried and if you want, there is one which is not fried with paper-thin spring roll wrap.

Last but not least, this is what I had for the last four days in Vietnam - Chicken Pho (Noodle) and I love to add in the crunchy beansprouts which makes a hearty meal for me.

I hope you have enjoyed Ho Chi Minh as much as I did :D
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