Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam Maret 2014

Time flew by so quickly that it's my second trip to Ho Chin Minh City within two months.

I didn't bring my camera in August so here it is, captured the streets of HCMC to share with you folks.

Took the local taxi (vina-sun) to the Ben Thian market and at any one time, I think I skipped a heart beat when I see the number of motor-cyclists.

Look at the man in green, now he is suppose to be controlling the traffic but what about the motorists behind him?
When on board the coach bus, I enjoyed how they cruise along the streets of HCMC in style :)

Don't ask me why but I think it's pretty cool to trim the plant this way :D

The colour and facade of this building caught my eye too ;)

The grand old post office in Ho Chi Minh City.

This is the Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral and it is no surprise that it looks quite like the one in Paris as this is a French built Cathedral.

Compared to the one in Paris, this is smaller in design and there is no stain-glass fronting the Cathedral.

Still, I was awed and inspired by the grandeur & magnificent French inspired Cathedral in Vietnam.

I'll upload some Vietnamese food and street vendors next ok :D
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