Canadian & English Goodies Maret 2014

Whenever I travel, besides looking out for bells, plates and thimbles to add to my collection the best part is also checking out the goodies :D

So check out the sweet treats during my last visit to Toronto and transit in London.
I have been to Niagara Falls twice and only after third visit to Canada did I bought these maple syrup......I am still keeping one as souvenir.

The smoked salmon is the best souvenir one could ever pack for their love ones.
We have beef and pork jerky but salmon? That's the first for us and a treat for D too :D Goes well with beer of course!

Now how can I resist these lovely lovely toffees? The coin banks just won me over. It is so heavy to bring home but worth the effort.

Chocolate moose droppings anyone? I think it is so cool and when I gave this to my friends, I have to tell them it is really chocolate and not moose droppings LOL.

Thortons!!!! Just the name makes me crave for more. My family had fun trying out the assorted chocolates and its fillings.

Bendicks is the classic mint that has always been my favourite since young but not so much now because I think it is too sweet.

Last but not least.....I just have to pick up these chocolate with liquor fillings for D.

So there....cheers folks and hope you have all enjoyed the visual treat from me :D What
is your favourite?
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