Horse Shoe Bend (Page-AZ) Maret 2014

A friend is going to Arizona in May and I suggested to him to visit this lovely Horse Shoe Bend in Page besides the ever popular Grand Canyon.

This is where I realised how time flies when this post was last written since my family vacation in Year 2007.

So....there folks! If ever you get a chance to visit Horse Shoe Bend, please send my love to this magnificent place :D

Post written in early 2008:

So let's move on folks, we 'threw away' the bad experience in New Jersey, stayed in New York City for three days and flew over to California.

Funny how friends think that Disneyland would be one of the touristy stop. There is more to America than merely Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck. The girls were not keen having been to Paris' Disneyland and Orlando's Disney World so.......we do love Disney Channel though :D

I must share that we fell in love with Arizona, I was mesmerised by so many Canyons such Glen Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Antelope Canyon not forgetting the Majestic Grand Canyon :D

Welcome to P - P is for Page in Arizona :D

I'll show you more as I think you would fall in love with me too.

Look what we discovered in Page, Arizona. I can't wait to show you the lovely Horse Shoe Bend during one of our visit to the Dam (The dam have to wait hehehe....:)

We chanced upon the brochure when we were in Hoover Dam and the name just triggered our curiosity after all it was less than 15 minutes drive away.

Lo and behold! It is shaped exactly like a Horse Shoe :) The lovely Colorado River flows around the bend and it was just so mystical.

It was so quiet and only a handful of people walked towards the horse shoe bend and look at the far end of the river, a boat cruise along the river and how I wished we were there surrounded by the canyons.

Even before we reach the bend, a couple walked past us and exclaimed "Beautiful!" Oh Gosh! They were was such a beautiful sight and would be great to have our picnic basket with us. It was so AWSOME!!! ;-)

As you can see, we drove in via a small road off the freeway in Page and thereafter walked up a slope meandering our way to the Horse Shoe Bend.

Check out the footprints with many many others :D

Yep! I got my smile back as you can see me standing beside the Horse Shoe Bend and it was great to be 'On Top Of The World' ;D
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