Happy Deepavali Maret 2014

Happy Deepavali to all my Indian Friends :D

Deepavali is also known as the Festival of Lights and I would like to wish all my Indian Friends a very prosperous year ahead with wonderful ray of positive bright lights :D

A public holiday for us today (also means another day for my sleep to go over-run kekekek) as the Indian celebrated their new year.

We were out shopping and saw a alot of migrant workers looking at their best and on their way to Little India to mingle with all their friends. I do know that some construction work is functioning non-stop 24/7 so it was heartening to see that alot of them get their day off today :D

Couple of invitations to visit our Indian friends but due to some other private matters to settle we'll just have to send our love & greetings through blogland :D

Have a Happy Deepavali and Happy Holiday to the rest too :D
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