Sudoku Craze Maret 2014

I did mention that I am not a number cruncher and yes, financial figures and digits are certainly not my forte ;(

I am not bothered by the number of digits printed at my bank book and my maths subject sucks that I couldn't coach my children during their examination (sorry girls!)

So I am surprised at myself for being drawn into this Sudoku craze lately and suddenly my mind was challenged by numerals kekeke....

It all started when Bibi & Shan requested a copy each and I was curious when I saw them having a go at it.

Hey, before I knew it I bought Volume 7 for myself :D

I am part of the gang now over at our house busy with solving the sudoku puzzle and helping each other as well.

Now, number cruncher still I am not but I know for sure this is good for family bonding ya :D

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