Lunch & Dinner Maret 2014

Do you believe me if I tell you this is what we had for lunch & dinner on Sunday?

Yep! It was so yummilious and so shiok that we don't mind having it for dinner too :)

Just french loaf from Delifrance, spread it with garlic or cheese if you like and the toppings? That's D's 'concoction' - secret recipe LOLz, anyhoo it was yummy to say the least.

If you like, you could add in tuna flakes, sardines or even salmon. Just remember to toast it in the oven for that extra bites :D
We had piping hot tea to go along with this not forgetting our salad & fruits so it was a completely healthy meal for the day.

As we were savouring our meal, we reckoned this is gonna cost at least $10 or more as the bistro is gonna garnished the plate with extra salad and literally 'dressed up' for the customers.

Why pay more when you can enjoy this at the comfort of home?

Food is the visible aspect of there, lots of love from me to you and I hope wherever you are now, have a yummilious week ahead and go slow on the calories ya :D

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