Mother & Child Maret 2014


Spotted this when I was in Toa Payoh couple of weeks ago. When I saw this 'Mother & Child' I remembered those days of looking after my baby daughters tucking them to bed with this:

Go to sleep
Close your eyes
Try to think of tomorrow
All the stars shinning bright
They'll be wishing you goodnight :D

Mother's Love has always been unconditional, always giving never asking for anything in return.

This picture prompted me to share this blog entry with you.

I must admit that after reading, I was overwhelmed with emotion and marvelled at his maturity in expressing his love for his Mother.

"That day I had dinner, I looked at her more than I looked on my plate. As usual, she would remove the bones off the fish and carefully peel off the edible parts of the gill, and un-hesitantly place them on an unpopulated area of my plate. However much I tried to reject it, I could only allow her to gently place it on my plate, then do the same back for her.

This unconditional love is without a doubt, something that my mother would show for me. This intangible that I value is the one that I will protect and cherish the most.

It amazes me how this simple action of selecting good parts of the fish, and then giving it to someone else actually says a thousand and one other things other than "Eat more."

A person who gives up the last prawn for another who hungers for it is likely to be a person whom you acknowledge as Friend.

A person who gives up the last prawn after removing the shell to another who hungers for it is likely to be a person whom you consider much more than a friend.

As for Mother, she has done it so many times for me, and only after an enduring 19 years have I been able to notice this at one glance. She has probably forgotten how much she liked the good parts of the fish, now that she considers the strands of flesh that binds to the bone of the fish as her favourite.

I wonder if that's what she truly likes, or has she changed her preference to suit mine? The unrivalled power of love, and her devotion disintegrated the armor of anger and frustration crafted from the finest vex and exasperation; I feel blessed as mirth lifted my soul.

I can't help but to think that Mother has changed her preference just to suit mine. Grandma or Grandpa probably used to do the same for her, and she's passing on the baton. Such affection, something that is exclusive to all living things that are capable of procreating - will not be lost.

Being a sensitive person that I am, I actually had to hold back tears as these thoughts raced through my head. It pains me even to see other beings mistreating their parents. Duly unforgiving."

With such clarity, appreciation, love and sensitivity at merely 19 when he wrote this truly captured the essence of Mother & Child.

I am happy that my cousin wrote this and I know he is a filial son :D
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