R & R Maret 2014


Mention R&R everyone thinks of Rest & Relax.

Of late, I bet everyone dreads R&R ~ Retrenchment & Redundant :(

I know everyone is in denial right now, including me.

We all know how demoralising it is to flip through the papers and see bold headlines screaming 'AXED 2000', '500 CHOPPED', '900 RETRENCHED' !!

Such sobering numbers indeed.

It is no fun facing members telling them straight into their face that 'You are next.....'

But who knows what's next when day in day out, the main topic has always been the pessimism of R&R.

But I also want to shout out loud that hey people, we are in this gloomy world together riding the storm in this tiny little boat heading upstream.

You know that even if one or two fell off this boat, there's life buoy for every single one of you.

It is painful to read about big man killing their wife & children because they are out of job.

Equally painful to see people ending their life because they were axed *sob*

I wanna send a message to my colleagues that don't ever take for granted what you are having now because it is going to be painful hearing distressing message of 'We might or could be next.....' :(

Having said that, didn't you hear the new R&R? Resilience & Rebound ;D

So sending the next Rejoicing message - Be Resilient and be prepared to Rebound with all the assistance plans by the Government, NTUC, WDS, e2i, SPUR Training, MOM, among many others.

Let's all lift up each other's morale and motivate ourselves to work towards a common goal & work as a team to ride out this 'Monster' crisis.

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