Mini Halloween Pumpkin Maret 2014

It's not our culture to celebrate Halloween but during our Chinese New Year (CNY), we bought this mini pumpkin because of its bright orange colour which is auspicious.

CNY has long gone but the pumpkin looks too good to discard.

Most people would buy it just for display bringing out the CNY celebration mood.

Instead of throwing it away, I choose to have some fun by having a mini Halloween pumpkin ;)

As you can see, not very artistically drawn but never mind lah :D

I know, he is so sad looking heheheh.....

How's the 'make-over' with some 'golden wig' huh? Shionge's creation!!

There..... my mini Halloween pumpkin getting to know my buddies from South Park :)

We had a blast laughing non-stop when we created our very own Halloween pumpkin :D much does one big pumpkin cost during Halloween anyway?

Time flies!! I'm so ready for March folks!! Have a great weekend!!! :D

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