大姐 (Da Jie) Maret 2014


Meet my DJ, nope not Disc Jockey but Big Sister ~ 大姐 (Da Jie) :D

I met cheery Christine back in Year 2006 when both of us were volunteering at the grassroots. Being the only girl in my family, I appreciated the bond we established as 'Sisters'.

Christine believes that it is God's blessing that through His contact we developed friendship :D

Last week Christine invited my family to her new apartment in Shelford and ever the organised & efficient host, all her sumptuous food were waiting for us when we arrived - Yum :D

Christine is the proud Grandma to Sophie and I shared her joy & happiness as she embraced Grandparent hood.

I love her 'Nian Nian You Yu ' 年年有鱼 fish jelly which she creatively decorated with two mandarin oranges.

Cleverly, she served the middle portion of the fish first and simply 'pushed' them together and this fish jelly remained as one :)

Look at this lovely heart shaped jelly she made for my daughter's birthday couple of years ago. Good for Valentine's Day too ya! *hint*

Somehow I do look upon her as my role model and even though she reckoned she is into her 'sunset years', I know I just want to be like her when I'm at her age ~ ever positive & forever cheerful :D

Anybody wants to guess my DJ's age ;)
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