Meet The Skeldings :D Maret 2014

advertisement our Friendly Folks from Alabama :D ~ The Skeldings!

Yes, it has been a while since we catch up with Bill & Cathy and nice to have them over to our apartment and catch up on good old times.

Bill & Cathy has been here for three and a half years and yup. very very localized may I say. They have embraced not only the culture but simply love our local food fares :D

I did not get to know Cathy until she came to live in Singapore as Bill was posted here back then. Prior to that, D was having a training a stint in Alabama and was invited back home for dinner.

Hmmm.....lucky D, get to enjoy Cathy's good old southern cooking :D

We spent our night out at a Mexican restaurant over at Holland Village before heading to their new apartment at Bukit Timah for dessert.

The Skeldings will be here for the remaining seven months and so we must make it a point to catch up more often as we wouldn't know when we'll get to meet again.

Ever so gracious, Cathy baked us some blueberry muffins and I must say it was yummy yum yum :D

The Skelding's daughter is coming for a visit to Singapore with her family so I'm sure they have a good 'local' guide here in Singapore.
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