APEC Leaders Network Meeting 2009 Maret 2014

I am most fortunate to be able to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Women Leaders Network Meeting held at the Raffles City Convention Centre (3 to 5 August 2009)

Today is only the first day which has been most enriching and certainly good platform for women leaders to keep abreast with the latest development & challenges facing the Asia-Pacific regions.

On this day, the forum touched on the Digital Economy Forum for Women and how to bridge the gap for women in the developing economy.

It gives me reasons to think deeper the issues facing women who did not have access to computer.

Although technology is so much a part of our lives but for women in less developing countries, to have access to computer is to enable them to gain knowledge.

Before we even think of increasing our speed of computer folks, for people in the villages, having access to Internet really is like an encyclopedia to the world.

All Delegates were invited for a Welcome Dinner and I was delighted to catch up with Mildred Tan :) She happens to be the new NMP as well as part of the Council Member of the National Family Council.

Incidentally, she is also the Registrar who solemnized my Brother's wedding as well as for my friends too.

Some of the projects by NTUC Women Development Secretariat of which I am proud to be part of the volunteers :D

Performance by the students from Singapore Chinese High for the foreign Delegates which was most captivating & entertaining.

The Delegates from NTUC Women Development Secretariat, the food I must say was yummy yum yum :)

Looking forward to the next two days especially when all Delegates break up into different sessions.

I have opted for Work Life Balance and it would be interesting to hear different views & practises from foreign Delegates :)

In case you don't hear from me for the next few days, I'll be back after this enriching experience & network :D
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