My Roles Maret 2014

Recently my most inspiring lecturer gave me & my class an assignment on our Roles of Intent, by intent and with intent.

No one know what's lies ahead and definitely I don't know what's in store for me.

I just enjoy my journey, pick up the pieces, add values to others and hopefully gain some wisdom through the course of my roles ;)

Everyone knows the world is our stage and we are merely actors on this complex stage. True be told people, I am not merely an actor but I am just being myself.

Marriage & Motherhood certainly raised my self-awareness on the roles that I carried out each and everyday.

Best of all, Motherhood has certainly bring the best out of me and I'm glad to be friends with my lovely daughters.

They have 'anchored' me and taught me patience, understanding, care, concern, tolerance and unconditioned love too. gonna hit the books and continue my assignments as I have two projects to complete so as to meet the deadline soon.

Luv to you folks and oh ya...I must not forget my role as the best blog buddies to you folks too....Mwah!! Mwah!! ((BIG HUGS)) :D

What about you folks...ever think about your roles too? ;)
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