Positive Outlook Maret 2014

Photo by Bibiana ;D

This time last year, there was a financial 'melt down' that hit us all straight in the face ~ Big Time!!

Members' morale was sharply dampened as suddenly supply is more than demand, from positive to a negative profit & loss by end of Year 2008.

The good thing was prior to the economic crisis, we managed to seal the service increment for all non-exempt staff.

This year, every organisation here in Singapore is very prudent more so due to budget constraint and tread very carefully on all the expenditure.

Glad that Company acknowledged members' effort to do everything possible to ride out this storm. The one-off $400 lump sum is in recognition to our members and the Union is greatly appreciative of this wonderful gesture.

I am confident of the positive outlook for Year 2009 and looking forward to a big fat bonus for everyone :D
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