Amazing Race in Singapore Maret 2014

Hiya Folks, not sure if you are a TV Fan but hey.....the Amazing Race was here in Singapore :D

We saw the trailer on TV that the latest episode featuring the stop-over in Singapore will be featured in America CBS channel on Sunday night.

I have blogged about our Singapore Flyer and I saw that one of the stunt is rather challenging by crossing from one capsule to another.

So if you have nothing on, do tune to the Amazing Race and catch a glimpse of Singapore folks :D

I hope it will bring back fond memories to all my American friends who have visited Singapore and also, that through this race, you will come by to visit me too :D

Let me know if you watch it folks....can't wait.

Naomi.....please tell Seemah to watch it, she was on the Singapore Flyer :D
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