Mom's Birthday Maret 2014

Pong!!! Full Limit!!! Hehehheeh.....Mahjong Cake for Mahjong Fan :D

That's right...this is a Mahjong Cake for my Mom when we celebrated her 69th Birthday last week.
Taking the opportunity to have a family gathering because of my Aunty Amy's visit from the US, we partake in celebrating my Mom's Birthday too at Fook Weng's Restaurant.

This is the traditional Chinese Birthday Buns (寿 桃) which is also known as the longevity buns and it is wrapped with the lotus paste.

When the cake was brought out, there was an "WOW" effect from everyone including the waitresses and what a wonderful 'finale' for the night as well.

I have never seen my Mom so happy before and I'm glad that there were so much cheers from everyone :D

Before we cut the cake, make sure we keep the 'mahjong tiles' for luck hehhehe...... :D Look at my Mom, she still couldn't get over the design of the cake :)

Love our cake pralet from Creative Culinaire....highly recommended :)

Happy Birthday Mom :D
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