Let's Eat Japanese Maret 2014

It's TGIF Folks and can you hear my tummy dancing? :) Hmmm.....or was it growling???
These octopus are indeed 'dancing' and welcome all to partake in the buffet spread.Anyhoo....just feel like having a go at Japanese which reminds me of the treat we had at celebrating Shan's 12th Birthday then.

Now even if you have no time, pack some sushi home on a Friday and chill-out folk! I love those California roll with that burst of roe popping in your mouth.

Don't forget good dash of wasabi too ;)

Stinging Hot but SHIOK!!
I must admit this is the first time I am having a go at the sweet Alaskan cold crabs despite being so clumsy that D had to crack them up for me.

Go on folks, grab it before it disappears right before your eyes kekekekek....... sorry for being such a tease ;-)

Now there is a name for this 'ball' :) Not my favourite but visual effect is not bad I suppose. the end of our feast, we were all 'bloated' like this big fat puffy fish that I don't think I can put on my dancing shoes tonight :)

Have a great weekend folks coz we are going to have a party blast over at my Cuz Stephanie's house tomorrow!!!

Ciao!!!! Luv you all :D
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