1970 Graduation Maret 2014

Sorry for the long absence, my special guests are currently travelling around S.E. Asia so might just have a delay in catching stay tune :D

Hey, look what I found at my Mom's place. My very own Kindergarten Graduation Certificate back in 1970!!

How cool is that? It is a bit torn at the edge but I suppose the only memory left of my early childhood.

If you look closely, you will see that the name spelt as 'Ho Ah Moi' - now don't laugh...uh, seriously don't!! :))))

Ho is my family name and 'Ah Moi' in our dialect means Little Sister. Back in those days when the teacher marked the student's attendance, they would shout out "HO AH MOI!"......I was like so embarrassment being called little sister in class.

When my parents registered my name for primary education....whew.....I am not 'Ah Moi' anymore :D

Anyway...I am proud of my name and yes, my family members still addressed me as 'Ah Moi' and my Younger Brother will call me 'Jie' - Big Sister :D

By now, some would know me as Betty too and that's another story :D

So Kindergarten certificate with my name as Ho Ah Moi :D
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