Texas "Trash" Maret 2014

Happy Happy Blessed New Year 2011 Folks :D

How's the going so far? Good? Better? Best? It's our choice to be HAPPY ya? So just chill :D

So, for us, it was most exciting to receive some yummy Texas "Trash" from the Jones first week into Year 2011 :D

Beth & Mark Jones from Kansas are so kind to send us some of their Christmas tradition of yummy snacks known as 'Texas Trash".

Two containers !!! It was an awesome treat indeed with the mixed trail and we were warned that it is going to be spicy.

Not at all Mark :) We are into fiery curry here in Singapore ya kekekek........ still, we couldn't stop digging in and D packed some for his night shift tonight.

So ya...bringing some 'trash' for his fellow colleagues too.

Thank You JONES!!! :D I bet it's going to a year full of yummy treats :)
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