Christmas BBQ @ Guilin Maret 2014

It was party time on Christmas Eve and oh what a night :D

Co-incidentally my Elder Brother's sis-in-law who is staying in the same block as me booked the other BBQ Pit too so it was a crowd indeed.

As usual, the trusty chef (D) and sous chef (Steven) cooked up the storm so everyone had a hearty meal.

The usual gang that came over to our BBQ, still 'sober' kekkekeke........

After the BBQ, all came up to the apartment when all guys enjoyed the Louis XIII sponsored by Buddy Hoe...... it was one of the hot topic for the night.

I can see why coz it was a rare treat indeed to appreciate such a expensive cognac.

We were entertained by the kids....all had a good laugh and I think we created the loudest noise!!

One of the game we played was charade and here you see Big Bro David leading his team. It was really fun to engage the adults & kids together.

And it helps to have friends who chills and be clowns ;D

Next game was to let everyone guess the number of cork in this big plastic milk bottle......
After recording all the guesses, all counting the corks excitingly. It was very spontaneous and everyone had fun :)

Now would you be able to guess the no. of cork in that big bottle?
Hey...guess who is camera shy in this photo with the Wong Family?

At the end of the party....I gave each family a big giant bar of Hershey Chocolate which I wrapped with a special greetings from my family.

Oh before that, we all did the Christmas gifts exchange too among all families.
As for all of the kids, all went home with little Hershey kisses in the glass bottle and I hope they all had fun :D waiting for count-down kekekkekekk...... :D Wish you were all here at the BBQ Folks :D
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