Malaysia Road Trip Maret 2014

Went on a road trip to Malaysia early December 2011 immediately after my trip to Buenos Aires as me and my Younger Brother had wanted to bring my Mom on a short get-away.

Since her health is not too good we ruled out air travel hence a leisurely road trip would be ideal.

We went to Ipoh, capital state of Perak in Malaysia as well as in Kuala Lumpur. Nope, did not visit the twin tower but more like shopping at Times Square in the heart of the city centre in KL.

We visit the Pomelo farm and we were fascinated to see the harvest all over the plantation.
My Mom and Sister-in-law's Mom getting a 'feel' of the pomelo :D The owner of the plantation shared with us some of the medicinal benefits of eating the pomelo which was rather interesting. Get to taste the fresh harvest and it was sweet indeed. As this trip was arranged by my Buddy, the tour consists of private VIP coach bus just for 14 of us, 4-stars hotel accommodation plus good meals almost throughout the trip.

Two of the meals we were served 'Buddha jumps over the Wall'* - now what you see here is a big portion for 14 of us but once during lunch, we were served individual bowl.

Dim Sum for breakfast anyone? Yup, steamed buns and little trays of dumplings, glutinous rice etc......yes, it is pretty heavy stuff early in the morning but we LOVED it :D
Big Pao (Bun) versus Small Pao :D Personally my favourite pao has always been roasted meat bun and I must say three of us shared the big bun.
This is the bamboo steamer (stacked together) for the steamed buns, dumpling etc.
Customer packing the different types of dim sum.
We were told Ipoh is actually a name from a local tree and this is the only left right in front of the Ipoh Train Station.

The Tour Guide shared that the sap of this plant is poisonous and was used by the indigenous people in the early days to coat the tips of the darts of their blowpipes for hunting purposes. I supposed that is the reason why it is barricaded.

We did a short stop-over at the Ipoh Train Station and originally we thought to appreciate the architecture grandeur of this building but LO & BEHOLD FOLKS!!!!
What greeted us at the platform was a brand new train - HARRY POTTER Train!!!!!

We were hysterical to say the least and my immediate thought was thinking of my elder Daughter Bibiana who literally grew up with Harry Potter :D
We have no idea why is this so but I am sure lots of Harry Potters' Fans would be delighted, imagine yourself travelling to Hogswart???
I don't have any clue about the number of HP series but Shania told me it starts from the very first to the latest series.
Can you imagine going on an epic journey with Harry Potter? I knew my Bibiana would love it!!!
She was not with us on this trip as she was on a separate School Exchange Program in Shanghai and when I tried to tag her on Facebook, she did not get it because China banned FB :)

There you short trip to Malaysia and it was good bonding with my family members as well as with my Buddy and her family too and we intend to plan more of such trips soon in Year 2012.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed Near Year 2012 folks :D


* Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is a complex dish making use of many ingredients, including shark fin, sea cucumber, abalone, and Shaoxing wine which is Cantonese and Fujian cuisine. The dish is a Chinese delicacy known for its rich taste,usage of various high-quality ingredients. Origin of Buddha jumps over wall recipe:
There are many stories on the origin of the dish. A common story narrated that Fuzhou scholar of the Qing Dynasty went with friends in the suburbs and he put all the ham,chicken, etc. he had with him in a wine jar which he heated over charcoal fire before eating.

The smell spread all the way to a nearby temple and it was so inviting that the monks who were supposed to be vegetarians, jumped over the temple wall and partook heartily of the scholar’s picnic.

One of the party on this occasion wrote a poem in praise of the dish, of which a line reads: “Even Buddha himself would jump the wall to come over.” Hence the name of the dish.

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