Dragon Year 2012 Maret 2014

I thought jingle bells were ringing and next I heard now blasting in the neighbourhood is Gong Xi Gong Xi!!!

How time flies we will be embracing the Dragon with about 20 more days to go folks!

So yup, I am extremely proud to be the Ahem... hehhehe The Dragon Lady. Borned in the Year of the Dragon and a Baby Boomer so to speak.

What can I say about 2011 except been travelling quite a bit and seeing that my two princesses are growing up fast independently and exude with their own confidence. Way too fast......more than I can imagine.

Lots to work on with my significant half but sometimes, it just needs both hands to clap and to tango. Still, with love so deep for each other I'm sure we'll work it out.

Year 2012 also means I've been working in the same organisation for the past 29 years!!! Gosh, it's like being in an institution all my life and it is fun to be in a big family working together with the same colleagues and seeing all grow old together literally heheheh...

As for the rest of my family members, Elder Brother is doing great and seeing that Younger Brother has settled down well with wife and currently building on his career so with that I'm glad.

My Mom's health is deteriorating and this is something not within my control which I'm truly sad and at times painful just by thinking about it :*( Having said that, I continue to do what I could and I think spending quality time is the best thing one can ever do for our loved ones.

Reunion dinner being such a big part of the Chinese culture that perhaps I might just consider hosting one for my family huh?

As Chinese New Year starts to cruise in with the Dragon, I just want to continue to be a better person, embracing love as much as spreading my love to all those around me.

So cheers to all folks in the Year of The Dragon and let me spread some joy and laughter to you and your family :D
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