Bull Fighting Museum in Seville Maret 2014

I love Seville and if ever I get that chance wanna spend more time ya.

So, to maximize my short stay there.....Lorraine (my Aussie friend) was with me and suggested the Hop On & Hop Off Bus :D

It was the best way to get the bearings of the City and a choice to hop off and see what we really wanted.

I love it and i highly recommended it coz that's what I did when I was alone in Barcelona on my way back home. (That's another post :D)

The 'Plaza De Toros' (Bullring) of The Real Maestranza in Seville is one of the most visited monuments of the city.

I never imagine soaking in this spirit of bull-fighting ring even though it is not the season yet. I was told it is between April to Oct every year.

The tour starts in the stands of The Ring and one can just imagine the magnitude of the matador versus the bull.
The 'Palco del Principle" which is the Prince's Balcony used only by the Royal Family.

Can you see the numbering of the seats? This is so cool.

Strange but true, I was mesmerized in this moment playing out the 'fight' in my mind....'seeing' the bulls waiting in the barricade.

It was a chance of a life time to be here and I am so glad Lorraine suggested dropping off at this point for a tour.

After visiting the Bull Ring, we were ushered to the Museum located beneath the seating of the stadium with all the exhibits.

We were told, this 'small suit' belongs to a young teen, a very young bull-fighter...can you imagine that?

The hall way leading to the Ring.
Collection of prints and photographs all related to the art of Bull-fighting.

I know this is very much a part of Spanish culture......honestly I found it to be very brutal and it pains me just to watch a 'live' fight.

I was the end of the fight....the bull will sad.

Statue showing dragging of the dead bull.

The red wooden doors all over the circumference of the stadium.
More of Seville folks.........stay tune ya :D

I hope you have all enjoyed this historical site of Spanish Bull Fighting Museum and the Ring :D
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