Luv San Francisco Too! Maret 2014

Truth is yes!! I love San Francisco too :D ~ From the East Coast of America to the West I just love it all!!

Enough of seeing the images of the Golden Gate Bridge from TV & magazines, nothing beats a trip to see it for myself even though it was pretty foggy, freezing cold due to a heavy downpour that day.

We hopped on for a cable car ride experience at the Powell-Hyde Line to explore the winding road of SF :)

Some residents hopped onto the cable car despite having an expired pass but the every so friendly captain let them stay on the ride and reminded them to top-up their card the next time ~ all with a smile :D

Making a turn-around for the return trip which was pretty tedious for them as they have to turn them manually - very cool :D

Look what we spotted! Can you spot the No. 7? Very very unique and to me, it is so artistically designed.

Salt Water Taffy anyone? I wish I could offer some to you but sadly we did not buy any but just by looking at the colourful display is making me drool already ;D

Call me a Hard Rock hardcore fan folks coz I am! In all the cities we visited, Hard Rock is a must and although most designs are about the same the thought of having T-shirts from different cities is so cool :D

So check out Hard Rock at Pier 39 Fisherman's Wharf wont ya!

What I love most about San Francisco really is the opportunity to catch up with my Aunty :) She has been residing in SF for the past 20 odd years working as a housekeeper for this American Chinese Family. (She is about 62 years old now but look at her.....gosh!) I am so happy that they have embraced her as part of their family.

On the day of our visit, she came to fetch us, we had lunch followed by tour around the neighbourhood. Oh Wow!
I didn't know that my Aunty drove like a Grand Prix driver ...... I was so scare coz it was barely four weeks that I had an accident ya..... (Can you see my pink splint protecting my finger?)

Coffee greeted us when we went over that day and isn't he sweet?

Shortly after our return to Singapore, my Aunty came home for a short vacation and catch up with the rest of my family members too.

So ya..... it was a good family reunion in San Francisco & Singapore too :D
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