Sakura Chicken Maret 2014

After a long day at work feeling so lethargic literally dragging my feet home. Look what 'greeted' me at the dining table?

Dinner Time Folks!!! :D *Drooling*

First it was the aroma of the sizzling chicken in the oven that makes my tummy churned so badly for food!!!

Yep! D's off day last week and that's the best treat when "Mom's Not Cooking" heheheh.....

Looks like Christmas came early with this roasted mini 'turkey'. I was told this is actually Sakura Chicken. Beats me coz I have no idea why is it called Sakura chicken but I sure know this is an expensive chicken as compared to those from Malaysia ;)

Anyhoo..... yummy treat with lots of roasted potatoes & vegetables aahhhh....So SHIOK lor ;)

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