Bowling Kakis* Maret 2014

I found this in my office photo archive and here you will see me with my lady bowling kakis* during my Company's Bowling Competition back in Year 2001.....( nice to be seven years younger heheheh.....)

I remembered being the top few lady bowlers and this picture certainly brought back some fond memories. We had so much fun when the guys cheered us on.

Sadly, with my little pinkie injury I am no longer able to bowl.....Waaa.....*Sob*..... *Sniff Sniff*..... I am not able to go bowling anymore with my friends and my hubby.....Waaaa..Waaa....... *Sob*

Come to think about more racket games - Oh no, my badminton game, my squash with D .... Waaaa.......HELP!!!

:'( *Sniff*

Kakis* - Fellow players
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