My Apology Maret 2014

My sincere apology dear pals for the long silence....

Couple of things on my plate really and with the intermittent 'sick' hard disk somehow 'dampen' my blogging spirit a little bit but I must add that being broody and low morale did play a part too.

Anyhoo.....I'm back and I do miss you folks! Very very much and don't intend to let you peek for too long really hehehe.......

Some major painting work commencing since March and with a total of five blocks in our estate it's gonna be fully painted by October this year.

All residents voted between pastel green & brown and majority voted brown so shall see how the outcome soon.

I was standing at my balcony one day enjoying the scenery and watching the painters on the gondola in mid-air of the apartment.

I have great admiration for these hardworking & daring men coz the gondola looks so precarious and not forgetting that they are working with tools & paints there with limited space.

I must admit I really felt 'unsafe' for them as it looks to me like only two big bars were supporting the cart from the 30th floor roof top ;(

Hope that all the safety measures are in place and that they practise workplace safety at all times.

Don't ask me why there are two 'bowls' fronting our apartment but we reckoned it has to do with 'feng shui' by the Developer kekekeke....

Well, one 'bowl' is completed and the one more to go but before that, the workers would need to scrub it clean before fresh coat of paint.

Thought I'll share this wonderful night with you, don't you think the sky is beautiful on this night?

And with everyone 'fuming' due to the hot humid weather... let's dive in the pool for a swim ya!!

Oh Shy Girl & HK, come by on 1 May 2008 (Labour Day) for a dip followed by an all girls' feast ya :D

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