Guest From Down Under Maret 2014

One of the highlight in November was host to Laura - our little Aussie pal from Melbourne, Australia :D

Bibi went on a school's exchange program last June and stayed with Laura & her family so we were thrilled to return the honour and hosted Laura when she came by in November for five days :D

We were host to our friends from UK & America when they visited Singapore but having Laura stayed over is a totally new experience for us and at the end of her trip, it seems as though I have a daughter from Down Under ;)

I was very excited to meet Laura and the fact that Bibi stayed with her last June helps to bridge the gap pretty well. I was afraid that she might not get use to our Singapore lifestyle but then again, an experience which I hope she'll treasure just as much.

Brought some gifts for Laura and look what we have here - a big Koala Bear from Australia which will always remind us of her short stay with us.

The school did organise some trips for her & her classmates from Werribee College so we tried our best not to duplicate some of the visits.

We did the boat trip cruising along the Singapore River and it was just as exciting for us as we managed to catch the Annual Dragon Boat Race that day.

We had fun just by watching the race and a bit of a heart stopping moment as alot of people were cheering them on.

Rain was looming and dark clouds acted as a backdrop behind the Singapore Flyer.

As usual the cruise would allow the tourists to catch the ever famous Singapore Merlion :)

It was so hot earlier so a cool splash was what we badly need.

This shot was taken by Bibi, I've always appreciated her photography skill :D

Orchard Road with its annual Christmas light-up so there.....a stroll down Orchard Road after dinner was another highlight for Laura as well for us too.

It's candy galore all over the streets really but didn't manage to capture one for you folks, sorry about that. You have to be here to soak in the atmosphere ya hehe....

Yep.... 'With God All Things Are Possible' ~ Have faith & be positive :D

This was spotted outside Tangs and this is such a powerful message indeed.

About 15 students from Werribee College came over to Singapore and one of them is Laura's cousin, Andrew.

Although it was a short stay, we have bonded pretty well and surprisingly with her Mom, Lynda too as I kept her updated on Laura's stay and well-being here too. So I am glad we have embraced friendship through Laura :D

So sad to say goodbye to her but as always, it is not Goodbye for now but see her soon :D

Note: Laura together with her classmates continued their journey to London, Italy, India & Hong Kong before flying back to Melbourne.

However, as a result of the attack in India the school extended their stay in Italy instead. Glad she is home safely now with tons of memory & an unforgettable experience too

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