Visit to Hanoi Maret 2014

Flood greeted us on the day we arrived in Hanoi and it was in a sorry state ;(

Traffic was at a total stand-still except for the motorcycles and it was terribly depressing to see the locals stranded along the streets pushing their vehicles.

Just when you see that all were dried up, heavy rain causes the streets of Hanoi to be flooded again so it was pretty messy.

Despite the heavy downpour, total strangers still rushed forward to help this vehicle owner amazingly still carrying a big smile ;)

I have never seen so many motorcycles on the road - whizzing passed me certainly freak me out and to me, it was just so chaotic. I have to literally hold on to my friend's arm when I crossed the road.

We were told, the trick was just walk straight ahead and do not hesitate. Seems like the Vietnamese have a way of navigating as they cruised on the road - So cool!

Okay no MacDonald, no Hard Rock Cafe but we did spot KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken ;D

No, did not get to try the Vietnamese version of KFC but this is what we had for lunch.

I must admit, although I am not a fussy eater I was a bit apprehensive when I saw the pineapple soup with clams. I passed that.... ;(

Still, I must say the steamed fish was good and the other plate was actually mixed vegetables with squid. I know, my first having french fries to go with rice so it was like a novelty treat for all of us :)

Now this is the authentic Vietnamese fried spring roll which you must have a go if ever you do visit Vietnam :)

Lots more to share but I think I'll stop here till my next post.

Happy Weekend folks! :D
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