Christmas Cheers :) Maret 2014

How's Christmas celebration folks? I visited blog sphere and could literally soak in the festive mood :)

I bet you are all in the mood for the New Year huh?

Shy Girl (Thanks Pal) presented a lovely basket consists of a lovely bouquet of flower, strawberry & peaches plus yummilious Godiva chocolate.

Now I must commend the folks from The Wishing Tree - the flowers & fruits are so fresh & sweet.

I have received fruit baskets many times and most fruits didn't stay too fresh especially grapes & bananas.

Credit to Bibiana, she has such a flair for photography and I just have to seek her help to snap some pretty shots for my blog ;)

Thanks Sweetie :D

Speaking of Godiva - The Champagne of Chocolate here we come ;)

I love this shot - Just the focus on G-O-D-I-V-A makes me wanna rush out and grab another box heheh....

We were supposed to save the best for last but not this time........ we couldn't resist the temptation and it was a sweet treat to a quiet family Christmas afterall :)
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