Halong Bay Maret 2014

I have no idea that Halong Bay was twice recognised as UNESCO World Natural Heritage Area but now I know ;)

It was well worth the journey of about 2-3 hrs from Hanoi to the North East of Vietnam and definitely one of the highlight of this trip.

We had a scenic junk boat ride cum lunch on board and was totally captivated and mesmerized by the formation of the rocks and limestone caves.

Me & my best pal never wanna leave our 'lazy deck chair' coz we got the best view up here. Manage to get a snooze too ;)At first glance you would think this is sea creature out of no where or does it looks like a big rock fish to you?

Now as the junk boat cruised over the other side look what we have here.....a kissing rock!! Isn't that cool?

Hey is my hair messy?

I love the Vietnamese handicraft of lacquer ware and no, I did not buy any because I choose to travel light this time.

Having a snap shot as a souvenir is good enough for me.

Hope you have all enjoyed Halong Bay - don't miss out this scenic sight if ever you get a chance to travel to Hanoi, Vietnam.

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