White Party @ Ritz Carlton Maret 2014

My friend, Christine invited me to the Standard Chartered Priority Banking White Party this evening @ The Ritz Carlton :)

As I had an earlier engagement with my Union Delegates' Conference, I managed to rush from the East to meet up with her on time.

Gosh! We were treated like VIPs, we walked the red carpet and there is this group of 'paparazzi' snapping our photos as we strolled down to the centre stage.

Oh Wow! How's that for star treatment huh? :D

We were served champagne, wine, liquors & cocktails that I have to control myself as I 'flushed' easily and I didn't want to get too 'intoxicated' kekekeke......

It was very professionally done at a posh hotel but logistic wise, perhaps the bank need to relook at the layout for guests as the ambience was not there for all to mingle around.

Anyway, I fell in love with the red Ferrari and should I or should I not place an order for one?? :)

Just kidding, I bet I wouldn't be able to afford the wheels for sure.

Christine goes for the yellow one and almost zoom off the scene with me on board :D

Great party, great company and thank you Christine for the invitation.

Now should I park my million at Standard Chartered Bank? ;-)

Hmmmm.....if only I have that million hehe!! Have a wonderful weekend folks!!
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