My Best Friend Maret 2014

I'm guilty as charged folks, my sincere apology for being absent from blogsphere for such a long time.

Yes I do miss all of you and I promise to visit as soon as I can ok?
One thing leads to another such as attending classes and preparing for my exams.

Most importantly, my best friend came back for a visit from Sydney and trying my best to fit in as much time as possible with her.

Meet my best friend June :D We hit it off as best of pals when we were just 14 years old!

Yep, since teenage years and been through thick & thin, ups and downs and she is my best critic to say the least and I love her for her honesty with me.

Now would you believe that this lady on the left is actually our Secondary School Math Teacher? Yep, meet Mrs. Ong folks :D

We will always meet up with Mrs Ong whenever June came back for a visit.

Meet June and her family folks :D This is Norman and her daughter Isabella and isn't she a beauty?

The last trip when she came back for a visit, Isabella was merely two and now, she is coming to nine and great o catch up with them this time.

Isabella having a dip over at our pool, weather was unbearably hot during their visit back in October.

D & Norman having a Tiger Beer each :D Cheers Folks!

June craved for chilli crab so we had a good meal over at Long Beach, I bet she's salivating for more now that she is back Down Under :D

A unique way of enjoying the gravy is to dig in these lovely golden buns while it is still hot :D

Another favourite, crispy noodles with fresh prawns - gosh I'm addicted to this too.

Bubbly June enjoying every bits and pieces of the chilli crabs :D

Something about us as best buddies, we 'walked' and hold each others' hands throughout our teenage years, singlehood, married life as well as embracing motherhood. As both of us grew up with only brothers, we are like sisters and could easily pick up the phone and yak non-stop.

Despite the distance, we are always there for each other and I remembered the 'ordeals', I could easily confide in her.

Gosh, I missed those special bonding time sipping coffee and just yak about our 'those days' :D

So there...met my best friend June :D

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